I am interested in the visual and psycho-emotional relationships that people develop with their surroundings, the dynamics between old and new, and cycles of construction and destruction. How do we navigate the push and pull between nostalgia, and the sense of excitement over perceived progress or renewal that results from experiencing transformation within one’s environment?

This is in direct dialogue with an ongoing study of architecture and urban planning; of the histories embodied by buildings, and by their interaction with the landscape and the bodies that inhabit them. How do trends in construction, repetition, and planning reflect culture, thought, or economics? How does this function differently between cities? My aim is to develop a better understanding of what forces are behind this constant state of flux, and to incite thoughtfulness regarding the decisions involved. This study is also a formal one, dealing with reductive form, repetition, and design tendencies. Most interesting to me are the paradoxes inherent in the elements and surfaces that surround us, the simultaneously general and specific, singular and same: imperfect copies. My work involves similar counterintuitive conditions, by taking on structural but fragile form, at times not only referencing but also interacting physically with its environment.